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Comment from : Stephano

sksksk sksk
i remember when i listened to this song with my dad every day
Comment from : sksksk sksk

Chase Yakeleya
This era was better than this tik-tok era
Comment from : Chase Yakeleya

usuario q ve videos
Es mejor el video de kitty gaga
Comment from : usuario q ve videos

Juan Ramirez
Am I the only getting nostalgia
Comment from : Juan Ramirez

Was at work the other day and a girl who goes to where I work puts this song on and gets surprised that I knew it then I said to her that it came out before she was even born
Comment from : ThatKid

Semeki Izuio
Jeez so cool unique and talented. I miss her...
Comment from : Semeki Izuio

Brenda Thurston
No A Trillionaire!!!!
Comment from : Brenda Thurston

Armyland tv
the only goddess♡
Comment from : Armyland tv

Essa aqui eu lembro do Dudu, disse que essa música era melhor do que uma outra da Lady Gaga
Comment from : Vortis661

Thug jdhdhdh
If u put this is anime u know who u are u do this go die in a crash but the one u crashed into would survive and not U
Comment from : Thug jdhdhdh

I remember saying WOULD SMASH when I saw it on tv for the first time.
Comment from : Kenny420

Chenel Dickerson
I am loving 🥰 poker ♠️ ♥️ ♦️
Comment from : Chenel Dickerson

Chenel Dickerson
I freaking love ❤️ poker ♥️ ♠️ ♦️
Comment from : Chenel Dickerson

Master gamer
Everyone who likes this comment may your parents live for 100years
Comment from : Master gamer

Ricardo alves ferreira Alves Ferreira
Comment from : Ricardo alves ferreira Alves Ferreira

Kaitlin Farrell
Anyone listening to old songs? No just me?
Comment from : Kaitlin Farrell

Hélio Richard
..."xupabritney"🤭❤✌ #amovctbm
Comment from : Hélio Richard

Roseline Etelier
No ones talking about the dogs at the begging
Comment from : Roseline Etelier

Scorpion mk11
Bille left the chat xd
Comment from : Scorpion mk11

The Starman
Olá good
Comment from : The Starman

Русская ака Дениз Вест шпион
Gaga's videos were already weird when Billie was a little girl ... (Pokerface - 2009)
Comment from : Русская ака Дениз Вест шпион

Willow Mentley-Peters
So we not gonna talk about the number
of likes?

Comment from : Willow Mentley-Peters

Bailey Aynesworth
I used to think the guy on the white couch with lady Gaga was the hottest guy ever and I always wanted to be her when I watched that part 😂😂
Comment from : Bailey Aynesworth

Lucas Sponsler
I miss these songs she used to be my favorite singer
Comment from : Lucas Sponsler

Jayson Hatton
🎶... with my naked eye... 🎶
Comment from : Jayson Hatton

Mehdi M
Still love this song after all these years ❤️
Comment from : Mehdi M

Queen of hearts Velvet
Stop comparing Billie ellish and Lady Gaga I love both music and both are actually very different what's this about stop get help and appreciate the art of this music all I have to say for now peace stop hating on two different people or comparing in any way ..
Comment from : Queen of hearts Velvet

Petar-Brawl Stars
This song is anthem of 2000s
Comment from : Petar-Brawl Stars

zaki zaki
I came here from the karate kid movie. Who else come like me?
Comment from : zaki zaki

Jayson Hatton
🤘 🌸 🤘
👁 👁

Comment from : Jayson Hatton

Jayson Hatton
Comment from : Jayson Hatton

Alfie Drane
Shut up lady gaga
Comment from : Alfie Drane

Mostafa Kadi
Comment from : Mostafa Kadi

israel casas
Buena rola!
Comment from : israel casas

i will read this message after 10years :)
Comment from : viksas

NSD Workout
If you listen closely she says "f*ck her face" not poker face.
Comment from : NSD Workout

Comment from : ana

Selina Fontaine
This song makes me cry but why?
Comment from : Selina Fontaine

Ronaldo Hoxha
Its 2020 and this song is still super 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Ronaldo Hoxha

Lady gaga é a maior Diva Pop de todas 😍💞
Comment from : TÁ NA VINHETA

She was so yung
Comment from : ray

Gean Casteluber
Minha infância viada resumida em um videoclip , apenas "❤" , Love gaga de sempre pra sempre ❤
Comment from : Gean Casteluber

Rayan Bella
Peace morocco Marrakech i love you
Comment from : Rayan Bella

PiJeon and Corn
Hello childhood, I missed you
Comment from : PiJeon and Corn

Томилинские наши Звери
Я одна русская
Comment from : Томилинские наши Звери

Gabriela Zaczek
PRO lady gaga videos
Comment from : Gabriela Zaczek

Gabriela Zaczek
Jou sing lady gaga videos 😗😗😗
Comment from : Gabriela Zaczek

Alberto Caceres Caceres
de razon la musica de hoy no vale xD
Comment from : Alberto Caceres Caceres

Mister No
Lady Gaga must be in the next Mortal Kombat.She is perfect for that game. 😉
Comment from : Mister No

Taslima Begum
When this song got released my sisters were in class 12 . I don't know 🤷‍♀️ how they never see this song!!! This is a masterpiece.
Comment from : Taslima Begum

Such a classic
Comment from : -

Heather Eve
that one part sounds like nepter in adventure time
Comment from : Heather Eve

Elayne Epitacio
Aprende a escrever em português
Comment from : Elayne Epitacio

Billie Eilish: “i dont need the xanny...”

Gaga: “MAH MAH MAH MAH!!!!”

Comment from : C P

Jayson Hatton
🧐🤓 🤨😐
M⚫ ⚪E
. 👋🔴👋

Comment from : Jayson Hatton

Wolfie Cun
i love this song alot because it came out when i was born!
Comment from : Wolfie Cun

tanmay mandale
I remember when this song was super famous worldwide....even my Indian parents who never listen to English songs were enjoying it when it used to come up on the TV....Good old times !!!
Comment from : tanmay mandale

Daniëł massulo
Quem pesquisou mo mo mo
Comment from : Daniëł massulo

Comment from : 머임마

Eddie Vazquez
how do you wake up lady gaga...
Comment from : Eddie Vazquez

“He likes this song”
“How could you possibly know that”
“I checked his twitter profile”
Only OG’s know this reference

Comment from : bryceskiilol

Fandom Queen
Comment from : Fandom Queen

Hector Lopez
Comment from : Hector Lopez

Hector Lopez
We need new music queen lady gaga this year in 2020 mother monster
Comment from : Hector Lopez

Nathan Mattern
I think she looked better in this vid than any of her other music vids tbh
Comment from : Nathan Mattern

Shelf Boi
Before Billie Illish
We had this

Comment from : Shelf Boi

Kill of duty Doom punch
now I'm just imagining Lady Gaga going into a super serious game of poker, probably at a casino, in some of the outfits in the video
Comment from : Kill of duty Doom punch

Lori Cundy
Finally something that has a beat
Comment from : Lori Cundy

Maria Saucedo
¡ Soy satánica !
Comment from : Maria Saucedo

Jayson Hatton
Lady Gaga rocks🙂
Comment from : Jayson Hatton

Jayson Hatton

Comment from : Jayson Hatton

Jayson Hatton
. 🎩👌
. ✌
. 🌎
. 😈
🤫 😇

Comment from : Jayson Hatton

Jayson Hatton
🤘 🤘

Comment from : Jayson Hatton

Jayson Hatton

Comment from : Jayson Hatton

Jayson Hatton
Comment from : Jayson Hatton

Jayson Hatton

Comment from : Jayson Hatton

Comment from : Judensau

the Faroxx
Comment from : the Faroxx

Aaron Knobloch
Am scared at the EnD
Comment from : Aaron Knobloch

Nathan rosa
guys let's make this hymn have 1billion views
Comment from : Nathan rosa

Nathan rosa
Pessoal vamos fazer com que esse hino bate 1 bilhão de visualizações
Comment from : Nathan rosa

А тута есть руские?
Comment from : ÅVÅ ĖŤO Я

Jérémie Ambroise
2020 people’s listening are ICONIC
Comment from : Jérémie Ambroise

Alexei Garcia
canta lindo pero esos videos
Comment from : Alexei Garcia

Jayson Hatton
🤗🎥 🎶 🎥🎶🎥🎶🎥🎶 🎥

Comment from : Jayson Hatton

Lol. 696 million views. Nice :)
Comment from : simplybri

Jayson Hatton


Comment from : Jayson Hatton

Jæger :D
Everyone talkin bout GaGa and Eilish, but those HUGE ASS DOGGOS are the greatest things I've ever laid my eyes upon
Comment from : Jæger :D

Saturn Mao
2:45 I'm sorry but this man-
he looks so uncomfortable omgsljh

Comment from : Saturn Mao

Alen Šoštarić
Koko si retardirana i ilumisljena picka
Comment from : Alen Šoštarić

andrine rodrigues
Lady gaga♥️♥️♥️♥️
Comment from : andrine rodrigues

paulo henrique
Little Monsters
Comment from : paulo henrique

Bejamin alpha
essa musica é daora
Comment from : Bejamin alpha

Another User
I love you Gaga, with all heart, really really love you, from bottom of my soul, you beautiful genious woman Gaga, know that
Comment from : Another User

Jayson Hatton
Comment from : Jayson Hatton

realized this was some bad acting, as a kid i thought this was weird but cool.
Comment from : Yezcho

Jayson Hatton
N♾T. 🎸😎 🌸☻
D I L7 U. S. 😏
R H O. 👣

Comment from : Jayson Hatton

José axel Bernita zambrano
Momomomo lady gaga
Comment from : José axel Bernita zambrano

Дмитрий Алексеев
Hello образ сценический должны быть разными 💐🌼🌸🌷⚘
Comment from : Дмитрий Алексеев

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